It is not for me...
2011-09-10 @ 19:08:05

The previous post was about my firsts days at the new school. I gonna continue. So my comprehensive school isn't nice. There are no people from my own fairy tale. It isn't caused because of ot that the beginnings are always hard. It isn't it I guess. I'm feeling here terrible. Already after these six days I have smelled a /fucking/ rat race. And the teachers ancourage the students for it. I understand a matura, a best studies, a brilliant future but damn talking about it already on the first day?! It is not for me, absolutly!

Sometihing else is it normal to being close to tears while the schooltime. No, not for me. I used to like spending time at the school. You know friends, stupid thing made while a lesson, 'ambitious' conversation with some teachers etc. And now the school is like a horror.

So I decided to change the school. I have choosen a technical school where my friend goes. She was talking to me how awesome class she has, how nice teachers, how nice atmosphere... Not like here where I am.

And by the way I didn't sleep at two nights and I thought about myself, I thought out everything and I have a plan and to the realising it I don't need extended matura in history, polish or the knowledge about society. /Once I have written that I had a dream. I didn't mean then my future just a little thing at the present. For the formalities./

I admit, I have made the mistake and because of it now there is a 'small' disorder. But I will tidy it up and everything will be ok, I guess. - Keep Your fingers crossed.

Obviously a song:

Take care and have a nice weekend!
The holiday has ended, the new school year has started.
2011-09-03 @ 15:11:20

So if I promised I have to keep words and write the relations from the firsts days at new school. On thirty-first of August I started to be very anxious and excited at the same time. And the first of September came. I had to get up about six o’clock at the morning but un my opinion more suitable word is ‘at night’. But I have no problems with standing up, next days will be worst.

So the Thursday: first bus station, second the Mass and introduction with a part of my new class next to the church. After the introducing I remembered maybe four or five names. Next was a bit disorder on the school playground, appeal etc. Then we went to get know the school with our tutor, She seems to be nice woman, but it is hard to say after two days. When we were ‘sightseeing’ the school we met a PE teacher, nice guy with a very big sense of humor and of course I had to say something stupid to him. Later there was some time in our class with the tutor, polish teacher. Next I left the school, there was 10.15, and my the nearest bus sets off about 12.15 so I had some time to walking on the city, by the way I don’t know the city and in honest this was my first time when I walked alone on the city. I didn’t lost myself, I’m proud of this. When there was close to the time when my bus sets off I came to the bus station. There was so big crowd in the bus. I hate crowds! But I alived the returning to home.

And next day, Friday; first at school I had an entrance test with Germany. I obtained 37 per cent and I guessed in every question. Earlier, before the test I had to walk very speed because the bus had small late, I had to ask the way to the class and when I was walking the stairs some people said ‘hi’ to me. I was a bit surprised, why people who I don’t know were talking to me, and what was come out? – These people are my new classmates. After the test , the break, I bought some books. And a lesson with my tutor, getting know continued, next break – there is so many people in the hall or on the playground… It scares me. I’m accustomed to my small junior high school and now big high school and big crowds. I have to get accustomed. After the break next lesson with tutor and end.

And what about my classmates? It is hard to say for me, I know one of them from the junior high school, the rest is absolutely new people. It seems to me that some of them is plodder but it can be just the appearance, some is too much combative as for me and some looks nice. Most of them is from the same junior high school so they know their selves and already on the beginning groups are created. But maybe after few time we will rip ourselves and we will create really sympathetic and nice class. I would like to this come true. Apart from the tutor and remained above PE teacher I haven’t knew any teacher. I’m very curious how are they- nice, demanding, boring? And something which is a bit strange to me – speaking ‘Mrs or Mr professor’ to the teachers. I know it’s so at nearly everyone high school but it’s some strange as for me. Does anyone from these teachers has the title of ‘professor’? No. at the junior high school few times I said per ‘you’ to a teacher and much more times I was close to do it.
I think it’s all.

Rvianna – I’m waiting for Your relations.

And of course music to conclusion.

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