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2011-12-26 @ 18:07:43

I haven't been here for a long time but let me explain. Simply I have too less time, currently my life is rotating around home and school. But I don't complain 'cause it's nice, sometimes very nice.

I haven't been writing here for about one month but it isn't changing the fact that I don't know what could I describe. I don't want to describe what was happend recently in school, in my life because it would be too complex. I would use mental shortcuts and in the end nobody would understand it. And moreover I don't wanna to bore You, cause I'm this kind of people which are amazed of very small things and without very broad context it would be incomprehensible for all.

I tell You just one thing: by chance I found a great music band and I fall in love with an alternative music. The lyrics are like poems, full of stylistic means, metaphors, allussions and so on. I like it much. Usually I listen to rock or metal music and I don't like others styles, alternative was one of this styles which I haven't considered as bad but I haven't been listening to it. Till yesterday from alternative music performers I have known just Czesław Mozil. I like him and his music but it wasn't impressive for me. And yesterday I heard one of songs by Lao Che and I was amazed by the lyrics.

Ok, enough! Just enjoy it!

Take care!

Oh very nice song ! I like this music 2 ! It s gr8 and amazing 4 me ;]
Greets ;]

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