The biggest advantages in my opinion.
2011-11-12 @ 18:01:47

So today I wanna to describe features which I appreciate the most. There are not to many them just three basic.
I'll mention the features alphabetically because there is no ranking every on these three are equally important.

So first: An inteligence. I like to discuss with other on every subject. If they haven't any opinion on some topic how to express the thoughts, and it our world views are different how to argue and to persuade to oneself's opinion?

Second: A modesty. I hate when people are boasting of something it is awful for me. 'My boyfriend is more handsome than yours... My clothes are more expensive than yours... My grades are much better than yours... I spent my holiday abroad and you not... And so on, and so on.'
Does it is matter at all?

And the third: a sense of humor. And the third: a sense of humor. I like to laugh with others so I consider it for an important feature. But I don't mean just about laughing but first of all about an ability to laugh at oneself. The distance to oneself is the most important!

Recently appreciated and later again ignored...
My love is my cat!

And I love rock'n'roll too

Bye, Take care!

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