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2007-06-27 @ 19:51:21
This is my first note here. Holidays has just started, so I hope, I will writing here a lot. First of all I'll write about Michael. Mike-it's a long story with him... i like him very much...very, very much... i'm not sure if it's love...hmm.. i think not yet. The problem is that, i feel something to him but i don't know how are his feelings...:( I'm thinking about him all the time, i'm talking about him- oh ok... stop about Michael.
Now is time to write about me...: The truth is that i don't like writing about myself... So what shall i do now??hmm.... i can say i like animals, i've got a dog( beautifull dog...heh) i like singing but i'm not sure if i'm good at it... hmmm... i'm stuck...;/ and thats all... in this note of course...:D
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