I'll be back.
2011-12-30 @ 01:21:07
I've just known that the lure of English will return. Well, actually it has happened few times already, however I always found an excuse for not doing anything with that. It was clear the desire won't stop kindling, obviously ;)
The funny thing is that the whole thing is caused by Harry Potter series ;) I'm amazed at words used in Rowling's books. Probably, you'll consider me as some kind of Potter-geek but it's not true. I've always been incredibly captivated by beauty of English words, I don't know even why. In addition, British pronunciation is pure pleasure to one's ears :)
I'm listening the Harry Potter audiobook and fallowing the text parallel:) The reader is wonderfully stressing the words and changing tone of his voice:) Great stuff:D
Dream journal
2011-10-01 @ 00:33:23
Well, I have to say that dreams are extremely interesting thing to me. Therefore I came out with
an idea...Maybe I'll start something like dream journal, here...Not exactly telling about a chaotic world of particular dream but sort of...
Would it be interesting?
Have you heard of lucid dream? That my "dream to dream" ;)
2011-08-02 @ 20:57:09
Well, it is certain you agree with a statement of importance of languages in today's fast moving world, isn't it? Wherever you move we can here of how languages are useful and without them we're just literally speechless in foreign country. It is of course true and undoubtedly immensly high-priority thing if studying is metioned. In fact, importance of languages is not a topic of my text but in some way the influence of it is.

At the first stage of learning, the teacher says that it is essential to avoid thinking in Polish (in that case) during "doing" English. Well, it's true, because usual Englishman thinks differently than usual Polishman. It is amazingly interesting for me, how language influances on us, I mean our native one. We see the surroungings in Poish, feel in Polish, express ourselves in Polish. It is hard to express yourself in e.g. English, isn't it? From our birth we get a knowledge how to converse with anybody, in most cases it's only one language, so in fact the thinking in particular language has been ingrained in our nature since we born. Therefore, the scientific fields stressed how possitive influence has bilingualism in praticular family. The research shows that some of social abilities increased thanks of such thing, however intellectual abilities also(Sorry for such inaccurate facts but I read this article some time ago ;)).

One of the reason I'm writing it is to show that there is nothing to be scared of in learning language. Like everything it just need work but the outcome can be outstandingly impressive and show us opportunity that we can do all thing we want to ;)Just the willingness is needed, it's the huge part of victory ;)
The Destiny
2011-07-30 @ 21:15:49
First of all, I mean before I'll write something hm...more meaningful at least for me, I'd like to introduce myself :) In English my name would be Lukas, so let's stay with it ;) I'm 19, however the age is not too important, in fact I should hide it from you ;) because it is generally agreed that the yonger person is the dumper things one says.

Anyway, the blog's tittle is "The Destiny", why? Well, the thing with destiny in itself is, that it's terribly difficult topic, additionally really controversial. I think everybody know the reason. First of all, we can't explain it logically, if we can't do that, we cosider it as unknown. Although we can't be cartain, whether destiny exists, we ask ourselves anyway:D That is a amusing thing of our nature: use something unexplained, unknow or even make it up and then think hardly, if it's exists.

As far as I'm concerned, the word "destiny" isn't accurate or we don't know exactly what the word means. That's true! It doesn't say to what extend the random situation can be called destination, so in fact we assign every situation to that. Let's look closer to pure nature of destiny.

Do you know Michio Kaku? He is like Einstein of XXI century in Japanese version ;) His theory says that even if somewhere had existed a parallel world identical like ours, the same person in both "Earths" would have behave in the same way. What is more, if we had lived one more time, with no knowledge of previous life, we would have made the same decisions like before ;) We stress all the time, that we are a free creatures, but in fact we work like very complicated algoryth which is very schematic and predictible, therefore if there is a God, he knows everything about us.

I tell you that because of our schematical nature the destination is just a result, outcome of "algoryth" we work based of. The world is like a immense chess, every move clarify the end.

To sum up, if we ask ourselves, whether destiny exists, we can say yes because of our thinking of causes-effects we would make the same decisions if we don't know exactly what the outcome would be.

Ps. Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my native language but I enjoy using it :)
Hope you like it.
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