I REALLY don't know
2012-07-12 @ 15:40:41
Hey guys!
I don't know if anyone will read my sad, sob stories... Ok, maybe they won't be always sad. Let's face it, i know how to smile too. It's just... I'm old. Twenty IS old. And I really don't know what to do with my love life. Yes, everything else is fine, peachy. But not my love phase. You see.. I met a few guys. Few - I count the interesing ones only. There was even my firs love, but it all fade away. It seems like i can't keep a guy for long enough or I'm just... too demending I guess. My requirements are the ususal: smart, charming, funny, gallant. But I guess it's too much... Forever alone?
About me
2012-07-12 @ 15:30:57
A teenage girl. Well.. now more a woman, but does it make a difference? I think not. My life sucks sometimes, like everybody else - has it's ups and downs. I love to listen every kind of music, it's just have to catch my mind.
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