Stairway to Heaven
2011-03-20 @ 13:27:43
Hello everyone :]

Today is very sunny and warm. I like it! :D Bad thing is I have a lot to learn... But how can I learning when behind the window is so beautiful weather? I think I'll go running :D
Spring is great time for trainings. I've got many sport's plans, basketball, jogging,cycling. I don't know if it will succed but spring=new energy so I'm optimist :))
And how about you? Have you got any extra plans for this spring and summer ? :D

On Wednesday is my birthday. I'll be 17. O my God- I'm so old ;o

Song for today: Led Zeppelin- Stairway to heaven <33

Have a nice week :) Bye
Modern children?
2011-03-09 @ 22:12:16
Hey guys! :)
Today I'll write about children in XXI century.

Yesterday I was walking through the city center with my friend when I saw two children- a boy and a girl (about 8 years old). Girl pushed the boy and he snarled: 'You whore! Fuck you.' I was really astonished.
When I was 8 I didn't know these words. Modern children swear, smoke and get drunk. In my opinion it's not normal- small children should have fun in playgrounds with peers! Do you agree with me? Or maybe I exaggerade a litlle?
I'm happy I had a normal chilhood...
I'm happy I had a normal chilhood... without computers, mobile phones, cigarettes etc.

Take care! ;)
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