Spring, come!
2011-02-27 @ 14:18:39
Hey, I didn't write for long time because I've got many things too learn ;/

I miss spring- sun, flowers, warm! <3
Spring, please come back :)
Rat Race
2011-02-11 @ 16:52:09
I've been going to high school for half year and I noticed that most people here want to be the best in everything. It's quite annoying- they are usually talk about learning and school. They care about marks. In my opinion marks aren't very important. More important is what we can do in practice.

I don't like this 'Rat Race'. Students want to have better results than other, adults want to be richer than neighbor. But in life are more important things like love, family, friends... Today's world is very strange.

What do you think about Rat Race? Do you have
similar observations in your school/work?

Song for today ;)

If you see any mistakes, please write me in comment. I'm still learning :)

Take care.
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