Commerce era...
2011-01-26 @ 18:31:12
Thanks for your comments- I think it's very important to discuss in our english blogs :)

Today I'll write a litlle about commerce. Especially about commercial music. In my opinion many contemporary singers make music only for money. Usually these songs are with no send and sense- only for the audience.. Why not let the radio rock, reggae or metal song? Only pop and techno.. it's very annoying for me. And for you? What do you think about commerce era?
Let's discuss. And if you see any mistakes please write it :) care! ;)
2011-01-24 @ 17:26:20
Recently I've watched a good film by Lexi Alexander called 'Hooligans'. It's about english fans whose main activity is fihgt.
This situacions are also very popular in Poland. In early January was a fight with 300 people near to Łodz! One young man died.
What is the meaning of these fihts? No fun in every day life? Few experience? Maybe reputation? In my opinion it's stupid but maybe for others it makes sense..
And what do you think about it?

Trailer for the 'Hooligans'. I recommend this :)
Are you proud that you are Pole???
2011-01-21 @ 21:41:45
Hi. Today I want to write sth about patriotism. Are you proud that you are Pole? Cause I am. I thing Poland are very beautiful. Maybe our roads are not very good, our politicians are usually argue and our trains are always late. But look at the positive things!,oiobywatel,2d1838bd31232/49ddd75da9802_430.jpg
We've got beautiful place: mountains, seaside and many nice cities: Cracow, Warsaw, Poznan, Gdans etc. I love polish food (ruthenian pierogi, bigos). Many famous great people were Poles (Maria Curie-Sklodowska, Kopernik, John Paul II, Piłsudski). We have got great sportsmen- Adam Małysz, Justyna Kowalczyk, Tomasz Gollob... And the last thing: we've got long, important history. I thing we should remember about these things and be proud that we are the Polish.

I've got an idea for you.
Write in comment: 5 best polish cities and
5 best polish people (or team/band) ;)

See you :)
Hello New Year! :D
2011-01-01 @ 16:24:02
Hi all in the new year ;)
I hope you were having fun in New Year's Eve. I also had! :)
Although I can't see many changes (in addition to increase in VAT!) New Years= provisions. Sure, not all to do but desire are important!
Happy New Year for everyone!
New Year's Eve in Sydney ;)
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