'no entry', 'no exit'...
2010-10-27 @ 17:32:37
I'm not in a good mood.
A lot of time thinking about life and sense of it...
Tomorow is concert of Vavamuffin in Gorzów but I lost my desire...
It's cold and cloudy, I don't like autumn...
Maybe in that place would be better than in this fucking reality.

Two song over and over again: Eldo Twarze and GrubSon Na szczycie <33

And learning, learning, learning... :|

See you soon.

About music :)
2010-10-23 @ 09:55:29
Hello everyone! :D Today I'll write litlle about music. Yesterday I was on the concert of polish rock band Strachy na Lachy. It was great, I love Grabaż voice! :)

I very like polish rock and bands: Happysad, Pidżama Porno, Dżem, Coma, Lao Che etc. But I listen foreign music too, I like RHCP, Metallica, Pearl Jam.

Another musical genre wich I like is reggae. Foreign: Bob Marley ofc, Alborosi, Jr Kelly etc. and polish reggae: NDK, EWR, Jr Stress, Marika...

What else? RAP! I prefer polish rap, for exemple: O.S.T.R., Eldo, PeZet, Paktofonika.

Summarizig, I like many genre of music: metal, rock, pop, reggae, rap, dancehall, ragga, blues. I'm very tolernat about music, I don't like only techno and disco.

After concert I'm humming Starchy na Lachy so song of the day is:

And what kind of music do you listen? :)
Greetings ;
My city.
2010-10-16 @ 16:44:00
Hi. Today I'll wrtite about my city- Gorzów. It's not very big town in lubuskie province, on the west of Poland. In Gorzów are living more than 125 thousand people.
What's interesting in my town?
Nice place for walking:boulevard along the river Warta. You can go for a coffee at nearby cafes or some beer in pubs. Boulevard is great in the suumer: http://www.polskaturystyczna.pl/images/uploaded_images/gorzow_bulwar_fot_bartek_no.jpg
Most beautiful monument in Gorzów is medieval cathedral. It's looks very good at night:
In Gorzów is very nice theatre with good actors :) : http://www.gorzow.pl/material/podstrony/zabytki/teatr.JPG
Speedway Stadium in Gorzów is very popular place. People like watch matches of Stal's team. Tomek Gollob is riding in Stal :):
In Gorzów is a big shopping centre Askana, sports centre Słowianka with swimmng pool, ice-skating rink, fitness, bowling etc., many parks with monument and fontains. If you never were in Gorzów, you must come here! ;)

At the end of this long note, photo of centre of Gorzów in winter :

sorry for mistakes, bye :)
Lucky 13 ;)
2010-10-13 @ 15:48:13
Hey ;) Today in my high school lessons were schorted cause in school are no heating and is very cold (we were sitting in the class with jackets!). I'm very happy about this because headmaster appealed lessons by the end of the week! :D So my weekend starts today! :D Every week should look like this ;)

My plans for this looong weekend? Mettings with my friends, go to the cinema with new class (for 'Śluby panieńskie'), learn chemistry and physics :( , a lot of sleep :).

Bye ;*

If you see any mistakes, please write ;) Thanks.
Tomek Gollob the best on the world ! ;)
2010-10-10 @ 12:15:12
It was great season for polish speedway riders.
Tomasz Gollob: speedway master 2010 Jarek Hampel: speedway vicemaster 2010
I really wanted to go to Bydgoszcz and see king of speedway with gold medal but tickets spreat very fast :(. But today I'll see Tomek cause he come to Gorzów. Master, welcome home! :] I'm very proud and happy we've got great polish sportsmen and I don't know how people can watch terrible play polish footballer if we have got super speedway riders ;)
Tomasz Gollob was born in 1971 in Bydgoszcz, he is riding in Stal Gorzów nowadays; current world speedway champion. Official Tomasz's website: http://www.gollobracing.com/

Now I'm going to learn :( and at 17 pm --> welcome Tomek :D

PS If you see any mistakes, please write ! ;)

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