Stairway to Heaven
2011-03-20 @ 13:27:43
Hello everyone :]

Today is very sunny and warm. I like it! :D Bad thing is I have a lot to learn... But how can I learning when behind the window is so beautiful weather? I think I'll go running :D
Spring is great time for trainings. I've got many sport's plans, basketball, jogging,cycling. I don't know if it will succed but spring=new energy so I'm optimist :))
And how about you? Have you got any extra plans for this spring and summer ? :D

On Wednesday is my birthday. I'll be 17. O my God- I'm so old ;o

Song for today: Led Zeppelin- Stairway to heaven <33

Have a nice week :) Bye

I wish You all the best :) And I love this song! Well, my plans for today (beautiful weekend...) is learning geography... ;) Take care!
Beautiful song. I like it so much ;) You'll be 17? So you won't be old! I'm older and I'm 18. This is the senescence ;P early happy birthday :)
oh,17 years old isn't so old:D
...what can I say,I am almost 21 :D
Hm, maybe you're right but I still feel like a child. I don't wanna be an adult :(

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