Modern children?
2011-03-09 @ 22:12:16
Hey guys! :)
Today I'll write about children in XXI century.

Yesterday I was walking through the city center with my friend when I saw two children- a boy and a girl (about 8 years old). Girl pushed the boy and he snarled: 'You whore! Fuck you.' I was really astonished.
When I was 8 I didn't know these words. Modern children swear, smoke and get drunk. In my opinion it's not normal- small children should have fun in playgrounds with peers! Do you agree with me? Or maybe I exaggerade a litlle?
I'm happy I had a normal chilhood...
I'm happy I had a normal chilhood... without computers, mobile phones, cigarettes etc.

Take care! ;)

I agree. I remember one situation, when I went with my small brother (6 l.) to the playground. There two boys in his age were playing and started to swear. I decided to go back - my childhood was different and I don't want my brother to be in the future like some people from my class - the "cool" ones. You can imagine what does it mean to be cool beetween them. Even in the best school in the city there are such idiots, I'm afraid what happens in average schools...
Yeah I know this situation. Once when I was on a playground I heard a conversation. Few boys (about 7 years old) were talking using a words like 'fuck'. Wow I'm curious what is the react of their parents...
I also agree.
It's terrible what's happen in common. I'm 17, but fortunately I had a normal chilhood...

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