Only Me...
I'm called Agata or LiL'Ya. I don't know why ;) I was born in 1993 so I'm 13 years old. I always lived in Rybnik and I still live there :)
I LOVE music. My favourite singers are Avril Lavigne and bands: The Veronicas, System of a Down. I like read books too. I'm not happy when I have to learn.
If you want to know more just send mail to me ;)

Read my notes and enjoy!


Hello Agata!Avril Lavigne is my idol, too;). Her last album is really great! Good luck in creating your English Blog! You have invitation to my place. See ya!;)
Hello Agata (it's strange for me to call someone my name :) but I will survive :D) I will try to read your notes :)

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