So much changes.... :*
2006-08-24 @ 17:47:28
Hi! This is me again ;) 4th September I will have to go to school. I'm not happy, of course and... First day in new school. Maybe will be nice but I don't think so...
My friend said morning that we'll meet each other (Is OK? ;)) and... nothing. She made a phone-call to me at 5 p.m. I didn't pick up the phone. I'm still thinking: why? I should do this. Maybe I'm stupid. She's my friend. I'm going to send SmS for her when I end this Blog Post :)
I'm not going to make a mess. :) I promise! I'm muddler. Terrible muddler. It's a perfect time to get over it. new school, new mask, new emotions... Och. So much changes, not much time. It's drivin' me crazy...

Bye Bye My Angels :*:*:*

hey don't turn around from your old friends.
I'm sure you will get know new friends but don't behave in that way. It's not propert.

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