So much changes.... :*
2006-08-24 @ 17:47:28
Hi! This is me again ;) 4th September I will have to go to school. I'm not happy, of course and... First day in new school. Maybe will be nice but I don't think so...
My friend said morning that we'll meet each other (Is OK? ;)) and... nothing. She made a phone-call to me at 5 p.m. I didn't pick up the phone. I'm still thinking: why? I should do this. Maybe I'm stupid. She's my friend. I'm going to send SmS for her when I end this Blog Post :)
I'm not going to make a mess. :) I promise! I'm muddler. Terrible muddler. It's a perfect time to get over it. new school, new mask, new emotions... Och. So much changes, not much time. It's drivin' me crazy...

Bye Bye My Angels :*:*:*
I won! Past and future...
2006-08-09 @ 21:04:23
Hello everybody!
I won Virgin's album "Ficca" :D Don't you belive?,3109,konkursy.html I don't like Doda but I'm very very happy. Be winner... I love it!
Yesterday Marta slept in my house. We wrote phoems about each other. That day was good. I went to bed at 1.00 am and I woke at half past 11 am. I think Marta is my really friend. I met people on my way who was nice but false. I hope in my new school will be good people :)
I will go to school with expanded
english because I wanna fly to U.S.A in the future. I hope I'll fulfil my dream.
I won't write long notes. Just I can't :P
Bye bye my angels :*
Today is normal day...
2006-08-08 @ 16:19:06
Hi! This is my first note on my first (too) English Blog.
If you want to know me click -Only Me...-. I hope you'll visit this blog everyday and always comment ;P Don't I want too much?...
Today my friend Marta came to me. We played the computer game - The Sims 2 Night Life and later I made for her picture on her blog. I think it's pretty. I like making pictures with Photoshop and CoreDraw. I wanna do this in the future or be singer. My idol is Avril Lavigne. Perfect voice, lyrics and image. I think. Maybe it's not true but I don't care :P
It's end my first note. I hope you knew me. I don't know when will be new note. Tomorrow or later.
Big kisses for you!
See ya! :*:*
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