2017-02-12 @ 16:36:28

Today I would like to think about the aging. I am an middle-aged woman and it is obvious that my thoughts running around the aging.From time to time, of cource. On TED website I've heard a very interesting lecture about aging. It was presented by a 71-old woman. I can say that she was very attractive because of the way she was telling her story and she was very attractive as a woman. What can I do to make my mature life interesting, she asked. I decided to live passionately, she answered. I've thought that it is as fascinating as excellent. Make your life to be interesting for yourself. Give yourself the right to feel and take the most of the every day. Don't look at your body and keep distance to the fact that it has changed a bit. Keep your mind in a good state and smile. What can you do for the others and what can you do for the world. It is the most important question. Instead of what others can do for you. A lovely day I wish you, reader. If any appears.
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