2014-11-17 @ 19:33:36

It was very good weekend. On Saturday I was at the party with my friend. We went to pub and we were drinking and dancing a bit. We finished at 3 and we went at home. On Sunday I had to woke up at 8 o'clock so I was sleeping about 4 hours. After church I did shopping and got home. Later I took a rest and read a book. At 1 o'clock we went to beautiful venue near to my flat. It is magical place called NO1. There is plenty bicycle and opposite you can fix the bicycle . We were drinking a coffe and enjoying. After that we made a dinner and I ate soup with my Scotland family. Later I invited my Hungarian friend so he tried my dish and we were talking almost whole of the night. Today was very lazy day. I woke up at ten to ten. I checked my email and then I went to costa. I've already finished my homework and I'll off to English school. Hugs
2014-11-01 @ 17:25:13
I'm so happy that is Saturday. I've finished my work already and I'm off tomorrow. I hope the weather will be great tomorrow. Rainning is so depressing. I'll try wake up early tomorrow and go the market. I'm planning on buy guitar and I'm going to start learning play on this instrument. Cross my finger that I'll find cheap guitar.
Let me intrduce
2014-10-31 @ 21:15:46
Hi everyone,

I'm living in Scotland at the moment and my mainly goal is improve my English to get to the top. I'm reading English books and talking in this language but still I have to learn a lot.
I hope this blog will help me make it. Greeting from Scotland.
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