2012-10-27 @ 14:10:05
Oh my, what a busy week! But I get good marks and I'm really happy . :D
Now I'm chatting with my friend, in 15 minutes I have dinner.
And I'm listening to BBC Radio 1, this is so coooool.
Today PGE Skra Belchatow is playing!
OK, so, that's all. Bye! :D

And how are you? :D
2012-10-20 @ 08:26:03
Hi! :D
Sorry I haven't written a few days, but I'm very busy. :c
I have lots of homework and things to learn. Next week I have to write essay about Antygona, learn the history, Polish, maths and English, because I have exams. :(
And I must start learn lots of other things, because I'm going to 7 competitions...

And how are you? How's your school and work? :D

See you later. ♥
Introduce. :D
2012-10-15 @ 18:12:40
Hi! :D
This is my first post on this blog. I had so many blogs in the past, but in Polish, and now it's time to have the blog in English! :D
I love learning English, this is my favourite subject in the school, but sometimes I'm making stupid mistakes. :(
I hope you'll tell me, what I do wrong. ;)
_ _ _

On this blog I'm going to write abou my life and things I'm interested in- cinema, sport, music, fashion and the UK.

OK, so that's all. See you! <3
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