Good weekand ^^
2010-11-14 @ 12:26:34
Saturday it was fantastically. I was in Pniewy and well played ;) I don't got bad marks. SU next week ;)
2010-10-30 @ 15:49:19
In this week I was in Kudowa Zdrój with my class on trip. It was amazing! Later It was pretty good. Do not forget this week for life :)
2010-10-18 @ 16:55:30
In this week I was in club with my classmate. I don't got bad marks and I was in cinema on film "The Social Network" and it's very interesting film.
This Week
2010-10-11 @ 20:23:10
This week i very bad :(. I got a bad marks and I broke down. In next week I think will be better. In next week I have three test and I must learn.
I and I
2010-10-05 @ 12:09:10
Hi. My name is Przemek. I'm 16. I like meet with my friends and talk with beautiful girls ;d
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