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2007-06-14 @ 12:15:28
I`m middle age lawyer from Poznan.From time to time I need english platfrom of communication esspeccialy with english speaking foreigner. So Perhaps this blog help me to write anything in English.If you want you can ask me about legal details. It is no problem answer it in english.DButr of course dont expect very good english. I promisse to be as communicative as possible. .
Best regards

Hi a lawer
I work as a security officer at the center of London . There are two companies at my workplace one of them is the international law company called White and Case. As far as I know
one of the foreign branches is located in Warsaw.Basically I do not need any a legal advice at the moment but I would like to stay in touch with someone so that to improve my written langauge.
I am also a middle- aged man close to fourty.
It would be nice to get in touch with you stranger. Have a nice weekend.
Ur english is really good. I learn only in sql and I make many mistakes. :/
good idea for blog. you can practise your english, and people can get lawer's advise :)
Hi Lawyer
Did you respond me or not yet?. Is your nick alex-sheep?
It is a rainy day today here in London but fortunately I have a day off. Tomorrow the next boring day at work but hopefully next week I will be on the way towards Poland for just 6 days or so in order to charge my battery. After coming back to London I am going to start doing a worldwide business . I am interested in exporting some sorts of goods from USA and sell a huge profit in Poland as well as in UK. Hi lawyer this time I will be needed a legal advice. If you are a qualified lawyer on the foreign matters I will straight turn to you.Do I?
I wait forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. By the way give me your email address if possible.
take care of yourself

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