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2012-02-25 @ 12:28:50
Hello everybody,

I've been learning English for a few years and I really like it. It seems to me that English is one of the factors that unite people all around the world. If everyone learnt only two langauges (and it's not a very hard task), their mother tongue and English, all people could freely communicate, crossing all the barriers which divide them into nations, tribes, religions, ect. So I think that sooner or later we should introduce English as a second official language in Poland. Do you also feel like that?

No, I don't agree with you. I think Polish should be only official language in Poland. When you are Pole, you should speak Polish in your country. This is associated with culture, tradition and customs. The same in other countries- if in Latvia most residenst speak russian,should they introduce Russian as a secon official language in Latvia? I don't think. Each country has its own national language.
I don't know ... I love English , but i think that @axi_1099 has a right . Polish and only Polish should be only offcial language in Poland.
Like i said i love english and for me, english can be the senong language but not everybody would like that so ...
I agree with @axi_1099 .
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You may love me ,
xoxo Gossipgirl
I agree with my before writer ;), Polish language doesn't popular than english language, is popular in Polish, but in big corporation you should know english language.

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