2012-05-31 @ 22:02:34
Oh... Tommorow is Friday.
What do you think about dreams come true? Because I think that I have to save the money, study a lot and make my dreams come true. I dream a many things. I'd like to go to England, America (I want to travel all around the world). I'd like to see and maybe talk with my dance idols. What about you guys?
Did your dreams came true? What you wish for?
Friday - summary od the day
2012-05-25 @ 19:34:58
How do you feel today? Very well becuse of Friday? Yee, me too. Tommorow no school, just dance contest - I will survive...maybe. I'm thinking what will I do the rest of the Saturday... maybe I'll start study to my shorttest...I don't want it. I need holidays.
What about you guys? What're your plans for weekend or... holidays? Camp, holidays with family or maybe "Stay at home"???
2012-05-25 @ 19:23:53
Hi everyone.
My name is Ada (full name is Adrianna). I'm teenager(14). I come from Poland and I live in a small village.
I really like speaking english and I'm pround that I can speak one of the most difficulties languages in the world (I mean polish).
On this blog, I'd like to write posts abount me and my life.
I hope you guys like it and read it. :)
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