2008-03-01 @ 21:36:42
I need help. I would be grateful if anybody could check my speech:

Do you think animal testing should be banned?

Almost everything is tested on animals:drugs, cosmetics, chemicals. The massacre lasts in laboratories- animalsare hurt beastly, injected toxic substances, infected viruses. But what is the sense of such cruelty?
Testing drugs and ingredients of cosmetics on animals is imane because of differences among species. Scientists noticed it as a result of some experiment. They administred the same medecines a mouse and a rat but different reaction were appeared. A lot of drugs were tested on animals caused side effects on people. How so can we takie te medicaments which can cause even death?
Animal testing should be replaced with alternative methods. To tell the truth, introduction of such methods is very expensive. But the costs will be returned fast. And some results of research are possible to get faster and cheaper than in case of animal testing.
Death of animals is still wasted, results of research are useless, and people are endangered. All of us can do something for cessation of vivisection. We must enforce entrepreneurs on withdrawal of these practices. Let's choose products with enscription "Not tested on animals".
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