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2011-05-11 @ 22:08:02
After my break we have to go to school again-unfortunately. Maybe it is the first week after out may holiday but I am glad it is almost the end - ok 2 days more but please no more!
But the weather is perfect, so it is time to go swimming
2011-04-06 @ 23:29:59
( I have birthday on saturday 9.04! so nice ) :D
2011-04-06 @ 23:27:29
today I had history test I didn't like it- too long and too hard. I don't think I need history( I mean useless early medival history) in my future :/ .But tommorow - English test so I want to get 5 I don't even have to study at all :P - so no problem( I think). Got to go !
2011-03-07 @ 22:29:16
What to write about? Every time i have to write I don't know what to write about :P.Oh, maybe I will write about very nice book "Makbet" ( it is so horrible!). I just hate school books, after reading this one I don't know what is this about. Tommorow we will have a detailed test. Ok ,very interesting post today, so I got to finish now :D
School again and again
2011-02-16 @ 23:12:54
It is the first week after our winterbreak and I am alredy tired. What to say... I spent my freetime in my house ;/ but in fact everything is more interesting than lessons ;). I was going out with my friends and had fun. During the next break ( I guess that it would be Easter) i am planing to go skiing in Italian alps ;D Got to go tommorow is another super interresting day
My pet, my cat
2011-01-26 @ 19:57:04 I would like to write about my cat - Szarusia -(really nice name isn't it?) she is maybe 7 years old. It is a Russian-Blue breeded cat. And I just love her. She is with me all the time, even if i go outside or just to the nearest shop she goes after me. She is picky, she don't like not expensive food :D. She is a really good but also independent friend. ALL for now

(Sorry for too big photo)
Long time -no see ( no writing)
2011-01-16 @ 23:40:16
Yes ,I know that no one is reading that . The reason I haven't writen for this long time was my lame Internet connetion and lack of time.Ok I will write something about my favourite polish band -- Vavamuffin --they are reggae band from Waszawa and they are awesome. I have their every cd , to now they have made 3 nice cds and belive me if enyone is interested in reggae he should check it out
Only few days more!
2010-12-15 @ 22:58:44
Only few days more! Only few days more! I can only say that, when I think about xmass and all this free time . Today I was making my site for IT lessons and I think I did it really nice ( I hope) .I would like that friday would be tommorow ;( , no - friday evening is better ( no school ) I have to finish now so see yea!
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