Bydgoszcz - 27.09.2009
2009-09-28 @ 18:00:06
In last weekend in Polish Speedway Ekstraliga was match for third place at the end of the season. In Bydgoszcz played: Polonia Bydgoszcz vs. Włókniarz Częstochowa. Polonia won 46-44. The best riders are: in Polonia - Emil Sayfutdinov, he collected 12+2 pts., in Włókniarz - Nicki Pedersen, he collected 16+1 pts. Per week in Częstochowa will be revenge, where Włókniarz has a greater chance of winning a bronze medal Polsih Speedway Ekstraliga.
Yo all !!!
2009-09-15 @ 15:49:29
This is my stupid blog. I do not know what to write here, so I write nonsense.
It's very nice weather.
Falubaz Zielona Góra will win Polish CenterNet Mobile Speedway Ekstraliga. In the final they will beat Apator Toruń.
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