Speedway Grand Prix 2010
2009-11-16 @ 20:18:44

Known is the complete list of participants in Individual Speedway Grand Prix 2010. Organizers permanently "wild card" admitted Swede Fredrik Lindgren, Dane Hans Andersen and Chris Harris and the British Taiowi Woffindenowi.

Lindgren, Andersen and Harris, the participants in this year's Grand Prix series, while 19-year-old Woffinden is considered a great talent of world speedway.

In next year's world championships experience leading eighth Grand Prix series this year - including Jason Crump and Rune Holt, three players from elimination, including Jaroslaw Hampel and four żużlowców the "wild card". The first reserve is Piotr Protasiewicz.

List of Participants GP 2010 (with numbers startup):

1. Jason Crump (Australia)
2. Tomasz Gollob (Poland)
3. Emil Sajfutdinow (Russia)
4. Greg Hancock (USA)
5. Andreas Jonsson (Sweden)
6. Nicki Pedersen (Denmark)
7. Rune Holta (Poland)
8. Kenneth Bjerre (Denmark)
9. Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden)
11. Magnus Zetterstroem (Sweden)
10. Hans Andersen (Denmark)
12. Chris Holder (Australia)
13. Jarosław Hampel (Poland)
14. Chris Harris (United Kingdom)
15. Tai Woffinden (United Kingdom)

Reserve team :

19. Piotr Protasiewicz (Poland)
20. Davey Watt (Australia)
21. Martin Smolinski (Germany)
22. Adrian Miedziński (Poland)
23. Grzegorz Walasek (Poland)

24. Lukas Dryml (Czech Republic)


24th April - Leszno (POLAND)

8th May - Goeteborg (SWEDEN)

22nd May - Prague (CZECH REPUBLIC)

5th June - Copenhagen (DENMARK)

19th June - Toruń (POLSKA)

10th July - Cardiff (UNITED KINGDOM)

14th August - Malilla (SWEDEN)

28th August - Gorican (CROATIA)

11th September - Vojens (DENMARK)

25th September - Terenzano (ITALY)

9th October - Bydgoszcz (POLAND)
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