My Fauvorite...
2009-09-30 @ 19:15:54
My fauvorite sport is football.
My fauvorite singer is Michael Jackson.
My fauvorite phone is Sony Ericsson.
My fauvorite football player is Frank Lampard.
My fauvorite team is Chelsea London.
My fauvorite city is Poznań.
My fauvorite food is cookie.
My fauvorite month is may.
I like...
2009-09-23 @ 18:23:48
I like football, volleyball and my blog.
My History...
2009-09-17 @ 11:30:13
This is my history. My name is Krystian. I have 16 years old. I have brother. He name is Jan. I have cat. My cat name is Kama. I like football. I like cooking.
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