The babywearing:)
2010-11-04 @ 01:16:52
Last saturday I carried N. in a sling for the first time. Feelings incredible. At the beginning she was sitting quietly and peeking from wrap. I had an impression that she was hearing my heart-beating. Then she slept. I was so exciting and happy that it succeeded. Two weeks before that saturday I tried wrapped my husband. We suffered a defead. N. sat awry and the binding was bad. Now everything is fine and N. cans feel heat and safety be close her mother.
2010-10-26 @ 22:36:16
Today we visited a pediatrist. Mr P. examined our daughter and said that everything is fine. Place after umbilical stump is healed and her lungs are clear. He also weighted N. The weight showed five kilograms. I'm not wondering because she is eating most of the time. I know the nurse is a huge gain for both of us. I give her food, she gives me health:)
At last:)
2010-10-22 @ 01:34:33
At last our daughter is out of the belly. She has bred by Caesarian section. After birth she was 4.120 grams weight and 59 centimeters height. She's amazing small being and looks like little P.
Today she's almost one month old. When she's smiling there appears a tiny, cute dimple on her right cheek. I haven't put her in the sling yet. I hope that the right time will come soon. The residue of umbilical drop out after two weeks. I love to watch when she tries to wake up and she check her own stretchability. Sometimes it takes really long time.
Part three.
2010-09-26 @ 00:47:49
I didn't have to stay at the hospital. Everything was fine so I could return home. I was glad more that we also called on my parents yesterday. B. is such a lovely child. She's a small fairy that could put a spell on you. You can't stop smiling around her.
Today I have done my first felt stuffs - four small balls. Nothing complicated, but I'm very proud of them. Propably they will be a part of some jewellery.
2010-09-23 @ 22:27:44
Tomorrow I'm going to the hospital, because it will be the eighth day after theoretical date of childbirth. If everything will be OK, propably I'll back home. I wish that. I don't want to stay at the hospital. I would rather to be bored at home. I hope that my girl is fine. She's quite active baby. Sometimes mummy gets a pretty kicks:)
My waiting.
2010-09-21 @ 21:57:48
Sitting and waiting for my first baby is a little boring. I can't go out alone because I'm afraid that I can start breed outside. I'm glad that tommorow my husband has free so maybe we will go for a walk.
Today I get the second sling of that I've bought. It's beautiful, light-blue colour with soft somewhat retro butterflies pattern. I came to like it at first sight. The first try to use it was quite good, cf course without baby. Blanket was my baby-model. The real baby still in belly. I hope it will change soon. I'm waiting for you mu daughter.
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