2010-01-15 @ 17:45:16
I am Dorotka. I am sixteen years old. I like going out my friends. In my free times I go to a rink or a cafe. I am here because I would like to teach english. I think that my english isn't very good.. If you want, you will help me:>

you like to teach english? not learn ?
Welcome here:)
Yes, we'll help you;] My english isn't very good, too, but
1. free times - free time (?)
2. rink(drink) or a cafe - why not drink in cafe?
3. teach - means help someone study, i think you learn
Good luck with learn english;]
to Guest: rink (or an ice rink) is *lodowisko* ;)
to Dorotka:
1. going out WITH my friends
2. If you want, you CAN help me (if you meant *jesli chcecie, możecie mi pomóc)

and welcome :)

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