Beginning of C++
2010-11-05 @ 16:41:50
As i said i start this tutorial.
First i want to tell i dont have much knowledge about it. But its my blog so i will write here what ever i want :P.
To program i prefer a Dev-C++, its simply freeware program to compile our algoritms.

First we need to declare library what we will use.

Next we can use:
using namespace std;
Its not neccesary. Why we use it i will explain later.

Now we open a main function where we will create our program
int main()
int number,tab[10];
Now we declare a variable(zmienna) "number" and a board(tablica) "tab".
Int mean here that we will using a numbers.
WARNING: apostrophe(';') is really importat here. Its points where our function end.

cout<<"Jakiś tekst, np. wprowadź liczbe: ";

cout funstion mean every thing what u want to display in console. If it a Text u use "", if its a one mark u can put it in '', and a name of variable we write with nothing.

If we wont used a "using namespase std" at the beginnig we had to write it like that: "std::cout<<..." and it would took much more time and energy


Here we inscribing some number to our program.

tab[10] mean we have 100 variable called tab. We can use it writing tab[0], tab[1], tab[2],...,tab[9]. Important thing is that u start count all boards from 0.

Always at end put:
to end main function

If u want write some comments in your program put it behind two slash //Your text.
Its helpfull to remind what u done.

Sample of some program:


using namespace std;

int main()
int n,a;
cout<<"Silnia z: ";
cout<<"Wynosi: "<<n<<'\n';

I used here
loop for. Its mean: a=n-1; do instructions in {...} science a>0, if a<=0 end loop;subtract 1 from a.
'\n' mean: end line, go to secound line. U can use endl to to do that.
'*=a' mean x=x*a

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