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2010-11-04 @ 21:33:12
The worst thing i think in my person is that, that its really hard for me to use my free times for a needed stuff like learning or meeting friends.
Im a lonly person, i have only some "friends" in school. I used "" becouse i don't have any close friend's with who i can share my problems.
This is a some reason why i start this blog.
I dont have a much problems, becouse i ignoreg most of them. I trying to live day by day and don't care too much about my future.
As i mention in link "about me", i lost my life in front of a computer. Now when i thinking about it, i cant say when its begin like that and why its still happend. Maybe its becouse i many times stay alone in home and watching tv becouse i cant go alone and play with others kids in playground. But i really dont belive at that, its only a bad excuse. I live in conviction almost all fault its besouse of my laziness.

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