Happy Easter!!!
2011-04-24 @ 09:34:58
Today I had got with my all family Breakfast of Easter.On the table were next food:We've got holy eggs,sausages,smoked meat and pie,but we haven't got a holy lamb which from sugar.I hadn't got lessons in school.We don't have to go to the school,We've got many free days.
My first exam.
2011-04-06 @ 14:37:37
On 5 April I had got first important exam of secondary school.He wasn't hard, but it was maths.I'm bad in maths.Before all:write about Karol Gauss,write invitation about mathematicians to the paper school in name of local class.And I had to choose answer from history from ages.I had to answer on questions of text.Questions was concerning of little mathematician from the text.
That's all.
My birthday
2011-04-06 @ 14:24:27
My birthday are on March,27th.I had got a birthday.Too bad.I could write: my birthday are today.I'm waiting on wishes.
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