Dinosaurus- Brachiosaurus and tyranozaurus
2011-03-28 @ 16:39:16
The Brachiosaurus was the biggest dinosaur.It had four legs.It was thirty metres long and twelve metres tall.It ate plants.It lived North America and Africa.
The Tyranosaurus was the fiercest dinosaur.It had four legs. It was fifteen metres long and five metres tall.It had sharp teeth on its rentile.It ate meat.It lived in North America and Canada.
cheesecake recipe
2011-03-22 @ 16:02:59
-75 dag of white cheese
-1 glass of sugar
-four eggs
-1 glass of milk
-0,5 glass of olive,biscuit
Cheese beat through machine.Two, sugar beat with proteins and all ingrendients take into twisted cheese and mix can add raisins.We're taking on bottom of blacah.
TV habits forum- my conctact with TV.
2011-03-22 @ 15:55:28
Only- my favourite programmes.I don't like different programmes.I'm watching TV three hours in School days and one hour in weekends.I've got my favourite films.They'll hide in holidays.
I don't like sport programmes and horror films.
When someone from my family watches TV, I'm coming back to my room or I'm playing computer games. I haven't got a TV in my room but my brother has got.When I'm sick, I'm eating and drink while I'm watching TV.I'm not watching TV alone.I like watching with my parents in their bathroom where is TV.I'm not watching TV DVDs on my set and on my computer, because I haven't got it.
2011-03-22 @ 15:44:12
Young people and students:
In my country young people use computers at school. They use them to do their homeworks, chat with friends, play computer games, listen to music search the internet, use a clip art and to save important documents.
In my country children use computers to play.
My favourite film
2011-03-19 @ 19:33:04
Świat według Kiepskich is a comedy film about who is living modestly. One of characters is Ferdynand Kiepski who is stealing grandma's moneys.Waldek falls in love with Jolasia.Parents' waldek is scaring about this to she may take all dolars, but he loves hers but he isn't going to lose her.This film has lasted since 1998 year.The main character in Świat według Kiepskich has fantastic adventures.There is a funny scene in the film where is doing incredible nouns.
There are a lot of good actors in the film.
Andrzej Grabowski plays Ferdynand Kiepski,Barbara plays Halina Kiepska,Bartosz Żukowski plays Waldek Kiepski.Are different actors.I like this film.
Spring is coming!!!!
2011-03-13 @ 11:34:10
Spring is coming.Birds are coming back to Poland snow has melted.It's great weather! It's without wind,snow and frost.But,It's minuses of spring.Flies will be disturb when we're sleeping.
Flowers are blossoming to live.
That's all.
My free time
2011-03-11 @ 15:41:45
When I have got a time, I'm writing on my blog because I like do this.I'm restling,I'm walking with my mum in my village on fresh air,because this is good for brains.Sometimes I'm going to go with my mum to grandmother.Too, in my forest are swings
My favourite food and drink
2011-03-10 @ 17:06:42
My favourite food is:
-rice with vegetables
-rice with garlic
-pork chop

My favourite drink is:
-juice 100%
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