Biography of Copernic(short describe)
2011-02-19 @ 17:47:47
Polish Astronomer, he was born in 1437 year be front of street of Anna.In years 1491-1495 he was studying in Cracow,then in Italy (Bologna,Padua,Ferrara).In 1503 he was doctoring in out of canon law.After he came back into Poland he was living in Lidzbark,in Frombork (1510)in Olsztyn (1520-1521 in time war Polish-Teutonic)Copernic was match teacher,doctor,lawyer,economist he was publishing works.
Winter is bad or good?
2011-02-19 @ 13:40:21
In this year winter is too long and cold!In all Poland will be rain snow, temperature can have -23oC degress of Celsius! Snow can have two meters, can be problems with car, type of:

-engine will be too cold.
-Driving of car.
-Is too slippy way.
That's all.

Sometimes winter can be funny,can ride sled and ride skis, can't go to school.But my teacher out of match she always doing for us tests,homeworks.
I hate winter.I'd prefer to spring and summer.
Winter is also dangerous,can on ice break knee.
I've been on sleigh ride,he was very bad.Everyone out of children,addition teacher,was wounded.It wasn't fun.It was bad.
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