Laughlin Robert B. short describe
2011-01-19 @ 20:07:28
Laughlin Robert B. is an american psysicist.He passed explanation (1983)phenomenon tzw.fraction quantum Hall's effect (discovered in 1982 through H.->Stormer and D.C.->Tsui),for all third got in 1998 Noble's Reward.
My future job and her describe and my reason Why I'd like to be translator.
2011-01-17 @ 16:36:54
I'd like to be a translator because this work is interesting this able to give very good paying and in Poland and England.I am going to become a translator english-polish in Poland and polish-english in England.I have good results out of english; For me this language is hard, So 15 minutes in one day learning english isn't enough for results.Language English is average language. I have to very long learn english; I like english and I like write in english language I like talk,use tenses and use structure in english.

It's all.
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