New year 2011 is coming.
2010-12-29 @ 16:14:15
New year is coming. My mother bought fizzy champange for us in big shop.While new year is coming, we buying new crackers,champange,very good chocolate and good sweets.
The year 2010 tomorrow will end at 00:00 this night.We going to use crackers in New year's eve.

Why I would like to learn english?
2010-12-28 @ 19:40:33
-is easy
-Because is useful, helpful in translation english text.
-I like english
- Because guarannte good working,np.
Teacher english,coach english for good money,
for frontier in foreign companies in our country for good money.
-Because is helpful in english games.
Sometimes is hard.I must every day learn english.
-I would like to show my english skills.
Because I would like to improve my english.

I wouldn't like to forget english!!!

It's all.

My notes
2010-12-27 @ 14:30:49
I have never been in Paris. I like english but I don't like Maths.She hasn't sworen in my present
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