My dream
2011-08-13 @ 20:43:51
I was dreaming about riding.

In the dream I'm riding with my friends on the table past the bus stop.It's early in the afternoom and the sun is shining.

Later, where I'm turning right that moment I've striked myself, to damage also my bike on human's possesion between two trees which weren't tall.

Then, I've lost my bike.I've looked green car it's name passat.I've begun to search it.I've noticed a man, who had got dark curly hair.
I told him:Good afternoom.He answered the same.

Is it good elaboration? how could you asses this?
Does the question is addressed to me? It is hard me to say. I haven't any skill in assessing. I can just say that I've noticed some small mistakes. For example, it seems to me that in third paragraph tense the present perfect isn't necessary. But I don't exclude that I haven't understood what you meant.
I greet. :)
I invite You to read my blog. :)
Good ;)
I like .. ;)

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