Hello everybody! :)
2011-11-25 @ 12:57:32
This is my first post here :)

I decided to register here, because I have to practice my English. I don't want to forget how can I use it ;D I finished my high school in May, and in October I started to studying at university. And I haven't spoken in English for long time... because at the university I don't have any languages as a subject on 1st year.

Ok, it was explanation why I'm here :D then maybe I'll write something about myself :)

At the beginning some basic information: My name's Kinga. I'm a girl from Poland. I'm 19 years old. I study building construction and work at the coffee bar :)

Enough for today :P probably this site will be my diary :D we'll see whether someone read it...

Greetings :)

Beatiful weblog .:D.I would like to write just like YOU.
Oh, thank you very much for this compliment :) it's means a lot for me ;)

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