#1 Special
2013-05-12 @ 05:08:36
Hi everyone.
Today i have something special for you. Maybe for someone of you this little guide can be helpful. This are my new words for study, maybe you want learn them with me? I will prepare, at time to time, next words for this mini lessons guide.
tak - yes
nie - no
dlaczego - why
dlaczego - becouse, so, therefore
przecież - after all, yet
ale - but
aczkolwiek - however, although
żeby - in order to
możliw(e/y) - possible
niemożliw(e/y) - impossible
wcześniej - before, earlier
teraz - now
później - later, after, then
też - also, too
jeżeli - if
raczej - rather
wystarczający - sufficient
niewystarczający - insufficient
wystarczająco - enough
niewystarczająco - inadequately
2013-05-08 @ 22:06:44
And I did it. With same morning (7 o'clock), I was in workshop in my workplace, to repair broken part of the propulsion system. Yesterday my colleague, from work, proposed me used derailleur for rear propulsion, I agreed and today after work mounted it in my bicycle together with Tomaszem our mechanic.
I have another great day in my life and I hope you have similar:)
That's my Tuesday.
2013-05-07 @ 22:07:30
Hi again.
Today I have good day and good mood. I've been today in job round 9 hours and next 4 hours on basement making shelves for unnecessary house stuff. That make me happy, because I dislike stay in a place and do nothing. Tomorrow I will repair my bicycle, it is necessary action to have efficient equipment.
See ya soon.
First Step.
2013-05-06 @ 22:48:52
Hello everyone.
I'm here to introduce myself.
My name is Marcin Kocur and I'm from small village Rudy. I'm 26 year old and i feel to old ;) My journey with English has started at school at 2002, but at that time i wasn't interested that language. The real flash of my brain was in 2008, when i realised that, this language have a future in my live. I studied very hard with breaks, even more and more, more hardest words, but few weeks ago i realised that i don't know basis and couple basic words to complete many sentences. Then came time to reorganize my learning system. I'm hopeful and full of motivation to work ;) See ya.
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