First Step.
2013-05-06 @ 22:48:52
Hello everyone.
I'm here to introduce myself.
My name is Marcin Kocur and I'm from small village Rudy. I'm 26 year old and i feel to old ;) My journey with English has started at school at 2002, but at that time i wasn't interested that language. The real flash of my brain was in 2008, when i realised that, this language have a future in my live. I studied very hard with breaks, even more and more, more hardest words, but few weeks ago i realised that i don't know basis and couple basic words to complete many sentences. Then came time to reorganize my learning system. I'm hopeful and full of motivation to work ;) See ya.

Good luck Marcin to expansion your knowledge about english, and I think, if you are be consequent, you'll get to your destination.
Thank you very much. I'll be thankful if the God give me power to achieve appropriate point my knowledge. Regards

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