friends 4ever!!
2009-12-16 @ 18:59:16
Today in school was good. i haven't got any test so that makes me happy. Now i'm with my friend-Paulina. We are talking about many things! I like that moments! We are going to take some photos.
2009-12-10 @ 09:01:32
Today is Wednesday and i was on dancehall lesson. That’s was fantastic. I love that!
Now I’, going to learn because i Have Got test tomorow!
2009-10-15 @ 09:10:26
My second hobby is photography. I'm intrested in for two years and I make a lot of photo. I make sesion and allways take my camera when I go with my friends.
thats link where you can see my photo:
2009-10-15 @ 09:01:17's a picture that presents my passion, which is dance
Dance my love
2009-09-23 @ 22:07:16
Today I was on dance lesson with my friend Sara. That was fantastic! When I'm dancing i allways feel good and smail a lot.
There is my day. Now meaby you say something abot your!?
2009-09-16 @ 22:18:01
My name is Klaudyna;]
I'm intrested in dance and photography.
I'm going to write here about it and things that I'm doing;]
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