different things
2010-11-01 @ 21:06:13
It was long weekend - three day's weekend, but I worked on Saturday:( So I had normal weekend.

Tomorrow it is hard working day. I must wake up at 6 o'clock, go with my children to kindergarden and nersary, and then I'm going to my work.

I have new winter jacket, yupi!!!!

nice november for everyone:)
2010-10-25 @ 10:00:53
I'm ill:( I think it is flu, I am staing home today, and I am lying on bed.

I'm beginig my english course, and i;m very contentend. English is nice language, realy.
2010-09-26 @ 21:32:15
Well, I am coming back to leran English now. It passed many the time, when I lernt English last time.So, I made special test in school of English and my level is pre - intermediate.

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