KISSymphony - Alive IV
2007-12-13 @ 19:15:52
Today I am - how i writed in past note - some informations for KISSymphony - Alive IV. KISS played a concert witha 70 people symphony orchiestra. Rock ang roll with violin are very unusal! Songs were very monumentaly. David Cambel was a conductor. I think, this disc is the best of every other discs. Do You like its?
In Youtube You can to find KISSongs from this disc, and normal version of their music. Which version is Your favourite?
KISS' s discography
2007-11-27 @ 14:32:14
Hello! Today I have KISS' disckography!
KISS (1974)
Hotter Than Hell (1974)
Dressed to Kill (1975)
Alive! (1975)
Destroyer (1976)
Rock and Roll Over (1976)
Love Gun (1977)
Alive II (1977)
Double Platinum (1978)
Paul Stanley (1978)
Gene Simmons (1978)
Ace Frehley (1978)
Peter Criss (1978)
Dynasty (1979)
Unmasked (1980)
(Music from) the Elder (1981)
Killers (1982)
Creatures of the Night (1982)
Lick It Up (1983)
Animalize (1984)
Asylum (1985)
Crazy Nights (1987)
Smashes, Thrashes and Hits (1988)
Hot in the Shade (1989)
Revenge (1992)
Alive III (1993)
MTV Unplugged (1996)
You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best (1996)
Greatest KISS (1997)
Carnival of Souls (1997)
Psycho Circus (1998)
The Box Set (2001)
The Very Best of KISS (2002)
KISS Symphony - Alive IV (2003)
The Best of KISS: The Millennium Collection (2003)
The Best of KISS: The Millennium Collection Volume 2 (2004)
KISS Gold (2004)
KISS Chronicles
The Best of KISS: The Millennium Collection Volume 2 (2006)
Alive! Box 1975-2000 (2006)
Uff! OK.. It's everythink! I love KISS Symphony - Alive IV . It's great. I'm writing about this disc in other note.
Troublesome title
2007-11-25 @ 12:21:25
Hi! Thank You for comments. Unfortunately, snow dwindled... :(. OK., stop for cry! I have earings :). And problem - with KISSong. Its title is "Rock and Roll all nite". What mind "nite" (sorry for mistakes... "mind" is besides school program word ;)). Help! It's great song :D.
I have cold :(. But... Now I have a lot of time for make Christmas decorations!
Images of KISS
2007-11-12 @ 14:58:58
HI! I start this note happy information - I live in Warshaw, and in Warshaw is snow!!! Hurray! I love it. I love Christam atmosphere... And Christmas atmosphere make snow (and angels, and Christmas pubilcyties in TV ;)).
Paul Stanley - Star Child, hes make - up is white face and black star on eye.
Gene Simmons - Demon, hes make - up are bat' s wings on eyes.
Peter Criss - Catmen, his make - up is... cat face!
Ace Freahlay - his make - up are silver thunders on eyes.
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