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2010-09-06 @ 17:04:58
It's not bad. Maybe too much to study but it's always like that in school. You can't do nothing if you want have a good marks.By the way I get today my first mark from english and I'm very happy bacause I get 5 ;)
Today someone ask me: Are you happy? And now I am thinking abot it. I don' know. I don't get everything I want but I think It's make me a better human. I have a very good friends and I know they never disapoint me. OK maybe I don't have a boyfrend beacause I haven't no time. I get up at six a.m. I go to school. When I return from school I go to training. I back to home at six p.m. I eat supper and do homework. I go to sleep at ten p.m. It's my very long day. In saturday and sunday I have some free time and I spend it with my friends. It's only two days when I can afford to sleep longer. I think I love my difficult life;)Of couruse sometimes I don't want to get up from bed;).
Maybe no one is happy in this world? I know only I'll never give up.
Maybe someone think I'm a stupid but I belive I can do everything if I really want. You must just belive.

I believe in nothing, not the end and not the start
I believe in nothing, not the earth and not the stars
I believe in nothing, not the day and not the dark
I believe in nothing but the beating of our hearts
I believe in nothing 100 suns until we part
I believe in nothing, not in sin, not in god
I believe in nothing, not in peace and not in war
I believe in nothing but the truth of who we are

100 suns by 30 Seconds to Mars
2010-09-04 @ 19:02:32
I have a lot to must learn in this school year. In monday I have a first test with english. I'll see what I learned in last holidays.

I find a video from Coke Live Music Festival 2010 in a very good quality. It's a video of my favorie band 30 seconds to mars.I unfortunetly can't be there but maybe I can go in 14th december to Warsaw;). I don't know yet.

This is a video from CLMF 2010:
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