What now?
2010-08-17 @ 17:42:23
I think it's great time to change something in my life. But I'm not sure what I want to change. It's last two weeks and I must go to my boring school. Live is so unfair but I see my friends and it's start a new season in volleyball ligue;). Backs are always hard.
Iwas by the sea what I wrote in last post. There was so beautiful and I have I good weather. I meet new people. I want to go there once again in next year.

I think too about change something in my life , but I don't know what I should change, like you:D I hope you and your team will be the best in volleyball ligue!!:) How your holiday?My isnt great..... Oh I almost forgor I'm new in this site , Im Ewelina and I want to say you "hello":D so.."hello":) So I can go now:P Bye^^
at the beginning you can change your haircut;)
Hi Ewelina. My holidays are little too short but I was spend it with my friends and it wasn't boring;). Thanks for nice words from you.

Maybe it's a good think to go to hairdresser. I think about it. Thanks shiny ;)
School is good only because I can see my friends.
Haircut is good idea.

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