My first NOTE
2006-06-12 @ 20:53:52
OMG English Blog I am CRAZY. Ok I try…. I am Caroline and I’m thirteen. I learn English 7 years…. I love maths, dance, music and of course HP:-D I HATE TH and Polish<lesson>, geography…. My fouvorte actress is Emma Watson. KISS

My name is Justine.I'm fiveteen years old.
I hate TH and Polish lesson too.
I have new blog,the same like you.
Write to me if you can:))
You like music yup? What kind of music?
hello:) im 16 and i like dance and music too:) if you want write to me bye:)
hi.may name is magda..I'm 17 years old..I like to music .if you want write to me..
Hi!!! I'm 13 too and I hate TH too!!! I have problem with this because my sister love TH and she listen this ALWAYS!!! :):):)
Hehe, Are you crazy? I don't think so,really ;) hehe...I'M CRAZY because I learn english two months and you seven years, girl!! :) hehe. I wish you all the best in blogkeeping ;)
Hey. My name's Malory. I'm 15. I'm new here :P Your blog is very nice.
Hi!I'm Kate cool blog!Im from Polish!I can't English!
I'm 9 yers old(czy coś takiego).
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