unfortunatly sick:(
2012-09-12 @ 18:02:04
I'm gonna write really short post,becouse I'm sick and I've got huge headache,fever and quinsy. I feel so bad today, that I don't have power to get up from my bed. Today it's impossible for me. I had problems to go out with my dog. I have to buy some medicines,but I'm not sure if I'm gonna do it today, becouse weather outside is so ugly: it's raining, it's very cold. Today I have really simple plans: I'm gonna lay in my bed, drink a lot of water, watch some movie and very quickly go to sleep. I hope that tomorrow will be better day. I don't wanna loose my time for lying in bed. I wan' t go to work!!! :)
I'm gonna write to you soon.
Bye <3
Looking for job:)
2012-09-11 @ 16:28:06
I'm in UK only 4 days,but I have already found a lot of advertisments about job. I am looking for permanent job. I'm asking myself: what can I do here? It's a very good question. Exactly, I don't know. I can work as a saler for example. Now I don't care about it,becouse I wan't only to earn some money and next year start to study in London or Leicester.
I will write to you soon:)
bye bye :*
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