2011-05-18 @ 17:00:51
Hello everyone! It's middle of the week and I had enough. I wanna holiday so much! I can't study all the time, special when the wather is so hot and sunny! I want to go for a bike or go to a swimmingpool, but I had so many homework now, that I can't do this things. It's awful. I started account a day for summer time! I hope that will be fast! take care!
2011-05-11 @ 17:21:25
Good afternoon everybody!Today it's so hot and I spent all day at school that was simple terrible. I had some tests today and all day was very stressful. I thought I will have a problem with my maths;/ because I don't understand anything! I must to give more attention for it, but it's really difficult when the weather is so beautiful! I can't wait for holiday and summer time! I will spend all the time with my friends and have a good fun! It's 40 days to the end!
Take care!
2011-04-29 @ 23:48:56
Today it's started a long weekend. I will have all week without school and lessons. Tomorrow I'm going to the seaside. I knew about that today and that was very suprising news. I will eat a big ice-cream there! with chocolate icing. I hope that weather will very sunny and warm. I should go to sleep because I must wake up early, but I don't feeling tired. I wish everybody have a nice weekend! take care!
2011-04-25 @ 12:07:10
It's second day of Ester ;) Today me and my family going to swimming pool. I think that we will have a lot of fun together. I was in a Church in the morning with my sister and her friend. Now I must help my mum to preparing a dinner. I hope that the weatrher will be better today because now is very cloudy. I wish everybody nice day and lot of fun in free days! Take care!
2011-04-17 @ 18:49:18
Hello! Today my day was great, I spent a lot of time outdoors and had really good fun. I ate my favourite ice-cream:) Now, I'm sitting in my room and thinking about my friends. Tomorrow I haven't got lessons.This week will be relax for me, tree days of retreats and then Easter. I was waiting for that a very long time;)
Take care!
2011-04-10 @ 12:56:33
Good morning everybody ;) It's Saturday afternoon and I'm sitting in my room and drinking a big cup of tea. I was doing my homework today, but I don't want to thinking about school. Yesterday all day I worked, so I didn't have the time for myself. I hope that today I will find time for myself. Now I will watch my favourite series "One tree hill".
Have a nice day! Keep warm! Byeee;)
2011-04-03 @ 19:43:26
Hello, I have a really bad time. Today the weather was so beautiful, sunshine was shining all day and was so warm. And me? All day I was watching some movies. Only in the evening I went for a walk with my friend. In this week I will have many tests.. I can't wait for Ester..
Take care!
2011-03-27 @ 19:01:28
Hello evrybody;) This weekend was very nice, I had some homework but it wasn't so much how usually. I don't want to go to school tomorrow.I really can't wait for holiday. In this weekend weather wasn't very well. I hope next will be more warmy. Take care;)
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