Iron man starts
2011-01-19 @ 22:56:41
hm I start work to mrepare myselph for big thriatlon
thriatlon contains
4 km swimming
180 km by bike
and 42,7 km to run
I have run today more then 12 km :D
hello , Hi everybody
2011-01-06 @ 23:49:15
I was on bike again with my friend, Kuba
He get jumped badly and he had an accident, he made duble salto in the air, he broke his helmet, and glasses
after that he said that "helmet is a bless"
it was nice trip
C U nex post
2010-12-26 @ 19:36:58
My friend is standing on the left, and I am standing on the right

huh, It was vaery cold.
Thus, weather gives me and my friend idea for bike ride :D
as U can see, (legs) we are advanced bikers.
If U want and U are in Poznan U can go and cycle with US.
U C ,
and here I need to write here again
2010-11-08 @ 21:58:25
hm I dont Understand this home work ? home work live work from our TI. IOt has no sens and I Don't get it who to hell want's to write anything on blog hence my posts arent interesting for EG I got bad hummor for all this week. BUt As I toled I will write here about my charts of week.
so the winner is Indios bravos "nierytmiczny me how" and "betwen"... But I'm stilll getting better at little wing by my Boss of Live Jimi Hendrix.... so C U @ Next boring post
huh.. I should to write here more often
2010-10-24 @ 20:21:14
I havent write there for 2 weeks so I should say that all my free time i spend whitch my Guitar "Jenny" and my bike (I like cycling).... at this weeks I discoverde the trought that Jimi Hendrix Live!!!! .... alll time i have on Ultimate Exspirience of Jimi and song Little Wing.... I play It whitch my jenny and eaven I am trying to sing it.... CU Next Time

"when I am sad she comes to me whitch the thousand smiles she gives to me free" Jimi Hendrix Little wing
and here we start
2010-09-24 @ 11:31:11
hello, and it is ready now, we start this TI blog, it will be good because i have birthdays for 3 days!!! and hear is the ring, I mast tu run out
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