2009-10-07 @ 18:33:37
I am keen on sport. Therefore I am playing the field hockey. Quite a lot in this sport I already achieved. Last year with the team we got vice of the champion of Poland and the third place on the indoor Polish championship. This sport is giving me much joy.
2009-10-07 @ 18:24:40
I am ill. For the entire week I am sitting at home. This seat at home more is boring me than very illness. I don't like such a seat and nothing of not doing. As a matter of fact catching up at school is worst.
2009-09-30 @ 21:31:21

Already Wednesday! Still only two days and then again weekend. No longer I can wait until. I don't know what I would do without these two whole holidays. I suspect that I am certainly not only which this way is longing for holidays.
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